Train to be an Adaptive Diver!

Train to be an Adaptive Dive Buddy

Love those smiles after diving ,    




  this is why we do it.


Gary Wyant, our founder, is one of a handful of instructors to carry the specialty certification for Adaptive Diving Techniques.

He was also invited by PADI to sit on the review board for the Adaptive Diving Specialty, which is quite an honor.

This class is especially important to Gary, because he has two autistic family members. We at Bright Horizons Diving feel that everyone–no matter the challenges they face — should have the opportunity to experience the underwater world.  Our students are provided the opportunity to dive through our Bright Horizons Diving program.  They need support from friends and family and we try to involve everyone.  If you think you would like to be a Buddy Diver – let Gary know.

You WILL learn to dive as a visually impaired person and be required to put your gear together blind, you will also learn hand signals for visually impaired students.  You will dive as an amputee missing a leg or an arm or both.  You will know how it feels to dive as a quadriplegic, while you perform some basic skills.

Have you ever thought about how a one armed diver can perform

BCD removal and replace underwater or

how someone with no legs could perform  a controlled emergency swimming ascent, and

what about correct weighting and trim for someone who may only have one leg

You will learn all this and more!

The open water part of this class is simply a review of all you have learned as a certified diver, but performed now in a new real world scenario. Our instructors go though a pretty intense training.  In the photo, Karl, our Divemaster is in a blackout mask and diving blind. Even if you don’t plan to work with challenged individuals, this course will sharpen your skills as a diver.  I think you will find it to be one of the most informative, as well as one of the most rewarding classes you will take as a PADI pro.